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To celebrate the 9-year of Health Culture Amsterdam - for a limited time, to honor this milestone, in June 2024, I’m offering private intuitive healing, spiritual counseling and mentoring sessions in Amsterdam and via international telephone  for only €111,15 (incl.BTW).

This applies to future sessions, not retroactively. Health Culture Amsterdam was founded on 11.11.15. Let’s celebrate together!

Payment options: iDeal, Apple Pay or credit card

Read Transparency & Confidentiality and FAQ mentioned under the form..

Transparency & Confidentiality (click to expand)

I respect the person I am writing to, their time and talent. Should I choose to work with them, I am doing so of my own volition with the intention of growth and well-being. I'm solely responsible for my health and the choices I make regarding my health.

I or the client I'm writing on behalf of, understand Tuaca Kelly is a dedicated vocational messenger and healer in service - not a ‘medical doctor’ or substitute for one

All clients/students/individuals are fully responsible for their understanding or interpretation of the insights presented in an intuitive/healing session/s and/or workshops/retreats.

All clients agree to full transparency, to be present and are 100% accountable for any thought, decision and action they employ before, during and after their sessions. How empowering!

I have read the FAQ page and understand how to prepare for a session, (e.g. hydration.)

Thank you and remember:

Hydrate well. Eat living foods. Exercise. Laugh. Shine your light. Love unconditionally. Love yourself. Love everybody. Love the Earth. Love the Messenger.

(FAQ) (click to expand)

Preparing for your Session/FAQ

How can I prepare for a session?
Hydrate very well with pure pristine water, drinking preferably from glass not plastic (if possible from MIRON glass) before a session and refrain from consuming alcohol or partaking in any psychedelics or social drugs 24-hours prior to your session. Ideally please also omit any stimulants or ‘exciting’ foods such as caffeine, spices or sugar 12-hours prior to your session.

May I ask questions during a session?
Of course! While every interactive session is entirely unique unto itself customized for you there are aspects of the process, which are also entirely mutable, to share in advance. I created a client intake form, though really it is my download sheet, where I take notes of the information I receive from my amazing counsel of loving guides – and believe you me I deeply love, respect and appreciate my ‘crew’ daily. I’ll go over with you what came through. 99.9 – 100% of the time all the questions, concerns, decisions or issues you arrived with will have been addressed or no longer have the same charge or energy as they did before the session. Trust your self in this process, as your own intuition will be activated.

May I tell you directly about my medical/health condition, issue or concern?
You’re welcome to do so and we’ll get right to it.

I’ve loved ones on the other side I want to connect with, what is too much to tell you?
Wanting to connect with someone who has crossed is natural. You’re welcome to say their name, at most your relationship to them, however, please do not tell me how or when they crossed or anything else. Let them tell me, I’ll tell you and you can comment/validate as we proceed. Photos or their personal items are not required. Also be aware that if someone you’re not expecting shows up, it could be inherent to your process or you are being asked to deliver a message to another person in your life. Just remain open to the messages. We all have purpose.

May I bring a friend to watch?
No. The reason for this is because people can hold back the essential gems yearning to see daylight when they know they have a third-party audience only to deny the full expression or enlightenment they wish to realize. The sacred space we enter goes beyond the mind, beyond ego, into the ineffable. Your body and spirit will remember all it needs to and you’re also welcome to write notes. I sometimes write notes too which your welcome to have though I can’t promise you’ll decode my writing.

How on earth do you do what you do?
The first thing to fully understand is that everything is energy including the language of intuition and the ability to download information and to facilitate healing in oneself or another. My expertise largely resides in my evolving ability to be present, to notice what I notice (including how I notice what I notice, because that is also incredibly insightful), to listen closely to my guides who are always with me and communicate, download and/or transmit (especially in telekinetic, quantum or shamanic healing work) all the experiences of my senses. I experience time, space distance and dimension quiet differently than most. I consider past, present, future and parallel or multi-dimensional lives all happening right now. While my beloved and respected quantum scientists have wondrous mathematic formulas to map this out, I leave the math to them and stay grounded in my deeper knowing of this truth and my ability to navigate these dimensions, to assist others and myself with realizing human potential. Now I’m gonna let you in a something really big. When we realize our human potential, Mother Earth does too. This means global healing or to put it another way: we create Heaven on Earth.Star Trek or X-Men fans will understand this concept immediately. When I am working it is very much like I am on a Holo Deck or in the X-Mansion’s Danger Room (not to imply danger that is just what the X-Men call their virtual training/work out room.) I’m simultaneously in a 3D and 4D interactive ‘space’ and all at once I can see inside someone, or in their ‘phantom’ body or hologram body, what is calling for attention be it physical/structural, emotional, spiritual, nutritional, environmental or social/relational and feel/experience these things with my own hologram body. While in this multidimensional energy ‘space’ or vibration I’ll also see images, dreams, thoughts or ‘movies’ from either their life, someone else’s or my own to realize insight and healing. This is also true for what I hear, such as counsel from my guides, your higher self or an ancestor speaking, songs or sound bites as well as what I perceive with smell or taste. In channeling, I am an interactive conduit in the process also witnessing the words coming out of my mouth or watching my hands moving energy through space much like a conductor moves the musicians in their orchestra. I also just ‘know’ (claircognizance). I am an empath that feels what my client is feeling (clairsentience) regardless if they are human or animal, regardless of geographical location, time or space or if they still have a body or not. This is to say I consider ancestors (and pets) who have crossed over my clients too. While these concepts maybe completely new to your reason and what you’ve been taught, what all modern and western cultures have been taught – how to live and make decisions from the mind – I invite you to journey beyond the mind through your deeper knowing back a few hundred years or more to a vibrant planet inhabiting multi-colored indigenous and non-indigenous tribes that all lived off the land, from their hearts and who by being integrated with their higher self, guides and guidance, shared wisdom and natural healing with each other. The mind cannot find words for the sacred any more than anyone can prove to another that one feels love. It is experiential. Take a breath and allow your own intuition to go beyond the mind.

How do I schedule a session?
See Scheduling on this page.

Where are sessions held?
All confidential healing sessions are conducted in my office in the Netherlands or via telephone.

When may I have another session?
This is entirely unique to you, related to your process and the life ‘homework’ you do. Some folks will see me weekly when they’re in the midst of monumental life changes, upgrades or light warrior training. This is especially true for those coming into alignment with their life purpose and intuitive/healing abilities. Some come monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. I’ve one client whose cycle is specifically one year. When I asked my guides when they were to return, I repeated exactly what I was advised: “Come back in one year.” This is also true: when you get the nudge to return you will.