Upcoming workshops in Amsterdam:

Presence: taking the acting out of performance, a performance coaching workshop with Tuaca Kelly 

For newcomers to the stage and award-winning performers and celebrated speakers, your capacity to be present with your message is what moves people. Make the gift you have to share with your audience accessible and transformative for yourself and others.

Cultivating sacred touch: an experiential workshop with Tuaca Kelly

The hours spent scrolling and swiping are not without reason. Connection is a powerful motivator. Let’s shift the ritual and bring focus back to tangible reality. Put the touchscreen down. There is something more precious for you to share and behold. It begins with your presence. It asks for you to show up.

In this workshop we will gently coax and nuance sensory perception to enhance individual innate sensing abilities through breath, movement, mindfulness and observation as preparation for engaging in sacred touch with others. Sacred touch can be defined and experienced as quality of touch that combines anatomical mechanics, intuition, empathic perception, centering and thoughtfulness with a sense of intimate definitive presence and a sincere desire to serve the present moment.

Participate in this workshop to enhance your capacity for intimacy, connection, reception and quality of consensual sacred touch. 

Psyche & the song: an engaging songwriting workshop, with Tuaca Kelly

Fueled with a redemptive spirit of truth, the songwriter is at heart a storyteller aiming to discover and share perspective about human interaction, perseverance, spiritual quests, rites of passage, wit, sex and most certainly - love. This workshop offers pre-writing exercises - for the body, brain and psyche to function in alignment - a period to write* on purpose, and an opportunity to safely share and discuss your work. 

This workshop is for individuals developing their song-writing craft and have interest in writing lyrical songs. All levels of experience are welcome.

Bring a pencil or pen and notebook or paper. We are here to write!

Agape & Eros: summoning a sacred sexual union, with Tuaca Kelly

“Sexuality is very spiritual in nature... That’s a God given gift...” - Prince Rogers Nelson

Intimacy and quiet mind are fleeting moments in a world driving itself to anticipate, plan and predict. This habituated mental activity contributes to chronic pain, emotional stress, mental illness and takes the present moment for granted. So how can we connect to the untapped potential of our own incredible body let alone connect to the soul of our most beloved?  This intimate gathering will be a safe-space for you to explore your untapped potential and the dynamic aspects of presence as a foundation for summoning a union of sacred sexual energy within yourself and betwixt you and your partner. This workshop is open to solos, couples and the triplet in fidelity.

cultivating sacred touch: an experiential workshop