Where may I be 
 of help to you

Where I may be of help to you:


Through the healing work I've developed, I've assisted adults, children and animals, individuals and in groups, with great results. They have come for assistance with the following (partial list):

Brain, Cognitive and Neurological

  • Memory – recall, storage, organization (e.g., learning, understanding, applying learned information.)
  • Prepare for and pass complex written, oral or functional exams.
  • Brain coherence & balance brain waves
  • Impaired nerve function/delayed communication in nerves, paralysis
  • Sense perception improvement & recovery (smelling, hearing, seeing, touch)
  • Stroke (CVA), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)


  • Chronic muscle/connective tissue tension or pain
  • Joint restriction, stiffness or 'slack' (e.g., knee, TMJ-D)
  • Spine – scoliosis, kyphosis, compression, tension
  • Bone compression/deformity
  • Asymmetry in the body/face (e.g., one side higher or recessed)
  • Inflammation/Auto-immune
  • Digestion (e.g., desire and ability to eat again)
  • Allergies


  • Creating new pathways for communication
  • Relief from 'invisible' pain

Mental, Emotional, Psycho-Spirtual

  • Trauma/PTSD (veterans, reporters, )
  • Phobias
  • Compassion and Forgiveness
  • Connecting with their own body and guidance; becoming 'grounded'
  • Connecting with soul purpose, life direction and understanding lessons

Energetic/Intuitive Development

  • Upgrading, blessing & customizing water, jewelry, medicine, school books
  • Developing intuition, multidimensional discernment and critical-thinking
  • Helping healers develop/integrate their natural skill set and path

Rite of Passage and Hospice

  • Helping the transition process/crossing-over (humans & animals)
  • Supporting the family members

Actors, Musicians, Notable Personalities

  • Developing healthy boundaries (e.g., from external projections or your own.)
  • Remain grounded and emotionally and spiritually stable (e.g., pressure of fame, financial gains or being 'lost' in a character's psyche.)
  • Feel confident to be out in public (not isolated in a residential hotel)
  • Resolve pain or traumas in safe place, not on the stage or after party
  • Access your emotional treasures to use in your craft
  • Prepare for a role or demanding concert tour

Martial Artists, Yogis, Movers, Massage/Craniosacral Therapists

  • Transcend the present depth of your practice, regardless of your skill level.
  • Receive direct transmissions from Tuaca while engaged in your practice. This will streamline your learning/teaching capacity and help you to perceive/experience and discern your functional/anatomical meridians, chakras, energy bodies and connective tissue, not just the idea of them.
  • Become a better practitioner.