"The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why." - Mark Twain


About Master Healer Tuaca Kelly

Tuaca Kelly, Developer of The Alignment - a multidimensional healing process - serves as a master healer, modern mystic, medical intuitive*, empath, truth-targeting vocational reality voyager, spiritual medium, teacher and musician - and she is born to inspire!

She’s a divinely guided, gifted and innovative professional that began developing her natural abilities of intuitive perception and sacred healing touch in early childhood. Dedicated to assisting others in realizing their full dynamic potential, and to assume the joy of responsibility, Tuaca has served thousands. Her practical, personable and integrative style reflects the intricate multidimensional aspects of all life. 

At the age of four Tuaca had a profound all encompassing multidimensional sensory experience that directed her attention to recognize the sacred relationship with God, the cosmic Universe from which she came, and her life purpose. 

This precious convergence is what she refers to [as] becoming "conscious of consciousness" and it encouraged her to own the experiences she was having as she began to discover (or not take for granted) skills she possessed and was destined to cultivate, attain mastery of and impart. This intimate and sacred training would teach and empower Tuaca with wisdom and transmissions to heal herself and others.

Intrinsically connected with the sacred fields of creation that inform the natural, musical and mathematical patterns that engender life itself. Tuaca, while honouring the free will and journey of the soul, has the capacity to clear, restructure and align the divine blueprint.

Her "XD" (more than 2 or 3-dimensional) multidimensional energy transmissions communicate with each person’s multidimensional body giving it instructions to self-correct, heal, evolve and be free, as well as connect to their own soul intuition and soul wisdom.

Global brain coherence - a correlate to rising intelligence, learning ability, alertness and reaction time - is realised during sessions and this phenomenon has been documented scientifically in a European research laboratory using sophisticated EGG-spectral analysis.

Likewise observed, experienced and scientifically measured in the brain research lab, Tuaca has as a master healer an incredible ability to transform trauma by completely changing the behavior of the energy or energy patterns that harbors it. This 'free' energy is then directed to the entire organism to use efficiently and for other human tasks such as healing, sleeping, movement, thinking and feeling.

Tuaca also credits her mother for asking her as a toddler: "What kind of vibes do you get?" in nearly every situation, as another valuable boot camp of sorts in critical-thinking and intuitive discernment.

Originally from San Francisco, CA, the second-generation German and Irish-American returned to her European roots and is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Her principle avenues of *perception: 

Sometimes information comes via Clairgustance and Clairalience, as the insight, message or healing would dictate.

Tuaca is a master healer.