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ROOT products support your body to detox, cleanse, focus and relax, simply and naturally. Your foundation for wellness starts by cleaning your internal polluted environment. The philosophy and science is simple: "NATURE IN. SYNTHETICS OUT."  ROOT = Organic + Gluten-FREE + Vegan + Non-GMO and made with LOVE.


GIVE TOXINS THE HEAVE-HO! ROOT CLEAN SLATE uses Zeolite, nature's best detoxifying mineral, in a proprietary patent-pending formulation to help wipe your cells clean of the toxins trying to take them over. It's your body's chance to oust the bad stuff and start new. Content: 1 oz.(30ml) bottle - contains 600 drops Serving: Take 5-10 drops orally twice a day morning and night BODY BENEFITS DETOXIFICATION: Safely supports the removal of toxins from cells, body, and brain tissue INFLAMMATION: Assists the reduction of negative inflammation by removing the root cause of the issues ABSORPTION: Supports the absorption of nutrients by the removal of toxins which may block nutrient binding sites

Zero In


Get all of your cylinders firing at full force. Made with turmeric, pine bark, velvet bean seed, and vitamin D. ROOT ZERO-IN will help lead you out from brain fog and into laser-sharp mental focus. It's the natural alternative to synthetic stimulants. Content: 60 vegan capsules Serving: Take 1 capsule 1-2 times a day. BODY BENEFITS: COGNITIVE FUNCTION: Helps support increased attention span and concentration levels through a natural, proprietary brain formula MENTAL ACUITY: Aids healthy brain function and focus while improving the delivery of oxygen to cells Up to 2 capsules daily increase dopamine levels up to 14 hours.



Restore uses the best of nature to restore your energy. We chose the best ingredients and enhanced their benefits to create a complete product, with everything your body needs to run full of energy all day long.  Restore is a perfect support if you’re trying to lose weight, on a vegan diet or simply want to give your body all the vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and amino acids it needs for a healthy, active life.
Restore benefits are:
1) Immune support.
2) Supports bone health.
3) Supports healthy blood pressure.
4) Provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Cure The Causes, written by the mastermind formulator of The Root Brand Products: Clean Slate, Zero-In and Restore:

Dr. Christina Rahm brings us “Cure The Causes” to weave us through why illness can happen to anyone, and how healing can take place by zeroing in on the root cause instead of the symptoms. With an easy-going acumen, Dr. Rahm discusses the many facets of disease and how restoring and revitalizing health can take place through simple daily measures.  

Did you know that Clean Slate is 66% ortho-silicic acid (SILICA), contains trace minerals and vitamin c

Read the review from Nutrition & Metabolism: Biological and therapeutic effects of ortho-silicic acid and some ortho-silicic acid-releasing compounds: New perspectives for therapy

The Gold Standard in Testing: BSCG Certified Drug Free