Authentic Male: integrating the sacred masculine for mental health, equilibrium and intentional thriving.

In the modern western world, what does it mean to be a Man, let alone Husband or Father? This question can elicit such varied images. Some might be inspiring, give a sense of pride, aspiration or heroism. Other concepts might be intimidating, stressful or confusing. Now the big question: are you living up to these expectations or does the ideology around that three-letter word deserve an investigation to see if it needs a massive overhaul? 

Maybe there’s the possibility to be human? A human that creates, loves, connects, communicates, is present and is totally himself. A human that enthusiastically embraces his relationships, responsibilities and pursuits with gratitude, grace, compassion and empathy, and a sense of purpose? 

While there is a clear frame work with varied hands-on exercises for this intimate two-day intensive for men. the focus of subjects will naturally shift during the organic flow and dynamics that arises from the collective theme in the group. 

 These subjects and areas of exploration might include any of the following:

  • What it is to be a ‘man’?
  • Goal setting
  • Legacy and purpose
  • Physical fitness and mental health
  • Sacred Masculine, dark masculine, hypermasculinity and Mister Fred Rogers
  • Intimate relationship dynamics
  • Recovering the courage and lost art in being an empathetic gentleman
  • Courting, dating, marriage, divorce, co-parenting
  • Sex and sexuality, (i.e, bisexuality, monogamy, polyamory, celibacy, kink)
  • “Ask a lesbian” - ask any question about the wonderful world of women

Who is this workshop for?
In a word: men.

Though most of the themes and language are couched in a heteronormative model, straight, bi-sexual and gay men are more than welcome if not encouraged in this safe space to explore the larger themes and archetypes of men in the modern world. If you are unsure if this workshop is for you, contact the organizer with your question. (

Where will the workshop take place?
This two-day workshop will take place in Amsterdam. The closest train connection is Amsterdam Centraal Station. The nearest international airport is Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS). There’s a direct train from the airport to the train station. The exact location of the workshop will be given to registered participants only, right before the event.

The event is two-days. I’m traveling from afar. Where can I stay?

For an added fee, it will be possible to camp in the workshop space. Alternatively, if you want private accommodation, I can suggest Conscious Hotels in Westerpark.

I’m a hungry man, what about food?

There will be some grub at the workshop to help assuage the hangry belly and a donation basket to help with this feat. You are also encouraged to bring your own food. There are plenty of take-away places and markets in the neighborhood where you can grab your dietary preferred sustenance on the fly.


This space will be an alter for healing. Each participant will do their part to make it sacred.

Tuition / Eagle specials

Eagle’s nest special: book by 7 June, pay only € 300,00 (incl. VAT/BTW) 

Early-eagle special: book by 14 June, pay € 350,00 (incl. VAT/BTW)

Casually late eagle: book from 15 – 21 June, pay € 400,00 (incl. VAT/BTW)

Eagle flight deck registration closes 21 June at 17:00 (Amsterdam time)

(On the registration form below you will see the base price excl. VAT/BTW, in the booking proces however the prices incl VAT/BTW will be visible as mentioned in the tuition)