“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla

The Alignment


"Where quantum science, consciousness of spirit, love and life purpose converge, miracles happen. 

Welcome to The Alignment. This experiential multidimensional group healing event is designed to assist in realizing your full dynamic potential and connect you with your divine awareness."

There are myriad factors involved in health. These intricate multidimensional dynamics include physical, emotional, psycho-spiritual, mental, karmic, nutritional, sociological and environmental energies, and parallel realities, assuming various patterns or programs to inform us of when we are in balance or out of integrity.

To realize your own multidimensional body’s full healing potential, open yourself to receive The Alignment™. This focused healing event is highly beneficial for all ages. Beginning with a brief presentation to familiarize participants with general/esoteric anatomy and quantum energetic principles, we’ll move into a consciousness meditation so you are better aware of your own personal transformation taking place during the group healing.

The Alignment™ is channeled and transmitted to each wiling receiver. The cosmic and divine intelligence of this loving light energy source exchanges information with your High Self to customize the appropriate changes for you upon initiation. From subtle yet profound fine-tuning to marked transformation, your body will integrate the holon of nourishment it so deeply requires.

During The Alignment™, you are also being cleared of sabotaging and unfavorable charges then realigned with your High Self. At such time you may feel light-headed or shaking. This is a natural phenomenon of the process. You may also experience any of the following:

- noticeable muscular, skeletal and connective tissue movements/adjustments
- total chakra system balancing and enhancement- balancing of hormones, bio-chemistry and metabolism
- pineal gland activation/DMT release
- expansion and correction of your bio-field/aura
- ‘electricity’, vibrating, tingling, intense warmth, rise in energy or feel ‘lighter’
- notice the pain you had before The Alignment™ is no longer there, whatsoever, it is gone
- an immense desire to emote healing tears or laughter
- visions of and contact with multidimensional beings
- you may hear high-pitch buzzing or insights from your Soul, High Self or Guides
- feeling relaxed, happy and good, want to dance, run or be active

To prepare: please be hydrated and refrain from alcohol or psychedelics 24-hours prior to this event. Kindly also forgo usage of perfume/cologne; thank you. Electronic (factory EMF) devices are not permitted to be on during the event for any reason. After The Alignment™ it is advised you refrain from media, traffic, and like ‘noise’ and to invest in natural surroundings and pleasantries instead. Challenge yourself appropriately choosing your health first! Seating is limited to venue capacity. Plan to arrive early so we may start on time. Thank you. Please visit the Agenda for event dates and locations.