Spiritual gifts
1 Corinthians Chapter 12

Jerusalem Bible: 1 CORINTHIANS Chapter 12

Spiritual gifts

12:1 Now my dear brothers, I want to clear up a wrong impression about spiritual gifts.

12:2 You remember that, when you were pagans, whenever you felt irresistibly drawn, it was towards dumb idols?

12:3 It is for that reason that I want you to understand that on the one hand no one can be speaking under the influence of the Holy Spirit and say, ‘Curse Jesus’, and on the other hand, no one can say, ‘Jesus is Lord’ unless he is under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

The variety and the unity of gifts

12:4 There is a variety of gifts but always the same Spirit;

12:5 there are all sorts of service to be done, but always to the same Lord;

12:6 working in all sorts of different ways in different people, it is the same God who is working in all of them.

12:7 The particular way in which the Spirit is given to each person is for a good purpose.

12:8 One may have the gift of preaching with wisdom given him by the Spirit; another may have the gift of preaching instruction given him by the same Spirit;

12:9 and another the gift of faith given by the same Spirit; another again the gift of healing, through this one Spirit;

12:10 one, the power of miracles; another, prophecy; another the gift of recognising spirits; another the gift of tongues and another the ability to interpret them.

12:11 All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, who distributes different gifts to different people just as he chooses.