People & Praise
Contempary Catholic Spirituality
for the people
with Father Hal, WRMOSB

AUSCULTA - listen - the first word of the Rule of Saint Benedict

Where two or three are gathered together...

The inspiration for People & Praise arises from a profound desideratum for spiritual enrichment, education and community that also embraces LGBTQ+ and those that have challenges in their relationship to their institutional church - with open arms - as Christ does.

In essence: I'm fulfilling a long-sought desire to host a party for Jesus. You know, a sincere shindig that offers devotional prayer, Holy Sacraments, meditation, music, scripture and discourse. See the

Father Hal, WRMOSB

Originally from South Africa, now stationed in Gelderland, Netherlands, it is a blessing to receive
Father Hal to serve as Officiant for our House Church in Amsterdam.

Complimenting his Christian Ministry, Father Hal is a scientist, writer and photographer. He delights in helping scientists, academics and other insatiably curious people explore and develop their spirituality.

Father Hal offers the following Sacraments & Ministries:

Holy Orders
Anointing of the Sick

Pastoral Counseling
Private Home/Mass

First Sunday of Lente - 18 February 2024

19 May - Pentecost
Amsterdam or remote: TBD
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The White Robed Monks of St. Benedict 

The White Robed Monks of St. Benedict serve the Contemporary Catholic and all people. Their outlook is that of a Catholic Spirituality (experience: love/compassion) rather than religion (belieffear, guilt, shame, blame). Accordingly, they educate about the nondual  Mind of A Child so the Kingdom of God may be experienced at-hand. (Matt. 18:1-4) Thus, they are neither Roman nor Orthodox, Liberal nor Old Catholic. The White Robed Monks of St. Benedict are just Catholic.

The Monks, in the traditional spirit of Benedictine hospitality, offer without question the Word and Sacraments to everyone who requests them. The Monks appreciate that Jesus never really said No to anyone who came to Him and He had only two commandments: Love God, Love Neighbor.  (Matt 22:37-40, Jn 15:17) Maintaining simplicity, they are neither institutionalized nor bureaucratic. Given their monastic orientation, they appreciate God through the eyes of the early Church rather than an institutional church. They are an independent  Catholic jurisdiction in the tradition of the Old Catholic Church (Brief History of the Old Catholic Church). Their clergy come from the Roman and other Catholic jurisdictions. Their general purpose is to let the world be a more compassionate place of child-like wonderment inviting peace and joy.

Excerpted from:


The Mission Statement of the White Robed Monks of st.Benedict

The mission of the White Robed Monks of St. Benedict is
to engender an atmosphere for healing the human experience
wherein each person may realize his or her wholeness, holiness.

The White Robed Monks of St. Benedict accomplish this end
through the administration of the Word and Sacraments
to all, without question, who wish to participate in them
and by offering educational programs
through which each may recover the wealth
of one's divinity in humanity and humanity in divinity.

Apocryphile Press. ISBN: 1933993006

Who is St. Benedict?

Saint Benedict of Nursia, Italy, OSB (2 March 480 - 21 March 547) was the Founder of the Benedictine Order, an exorcist, a mystic, the Abbot at Abbey of Montecassino, the Father of Western Monasticism and the twin brother of Saint Scholastica.

How I became involved?

My relationships with White Robed Monks of Saint Benedict began, circa 1992 through meeting the Abbot-Bishop that would be called to execute Catholic ministry to my family. The Abbot-Bishop, the being he is, the Order and its Patron Saint, impressed upon this modest parishioner, an ineffable sense of peace and joy through its aura of compassion, austerity and sense of childlike wonder of the mysteries and a devotional work-as-service work ethic I relish - ora et labora.

we shall obey - Scholastica's plea, a poem by Tuaca Kelly

beloved brother
muffled by the Rule
and the weave
of your tunic
my plea failed
to brush immaculacy

my prayers,
received and answered
through the vault,

il mio gemello
blame me
my beloved reflection
for obliging you to bide

so dutybound faithful
in Covenant and simple habits
we are subject to forget
what we deny

one night
dear brother
we shall be rebels
and speak of things
we won’t write down

and think of things
we won’t say aloud
and render a final hymn
until the earth absorbs
the tears of men

one night
dear brother
our last night
dear brother

let us share innocence
and warmth
lest wisdom make fools of us
let your labor be mine
dear brother
it is winter
I’ll take my rest there

one night
dear brother
we shall be rebels
and speak of things
we won’t write down

and think of things
we won’t say aloud
and render a final hymn
until the earth absorbs
the tears of men

one night
dear brother
we shall be rebels
we shall obey

©2024 Tuaca Kelly

Ziziphus spina-christi