"The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it." – Chinese proverb

Each private session is personalized to suit the client's process for the best outcome. If you're not sure which session type is most appropriate for you, feel free to ask prior to booking or come with an open mind and readiness to work.

Healing Sessions, Tuaca says about this:



Private Sessions: Priorities Lead the Way

Not knowing what to expect in a private session is probably healthy and reasonable if not common among many that come for sessions.

Every person and their process is unique. With respect to this each session begins with me tuning in and listening to my body, my guides, my soul wisdom and that of my client's soul. This principle tradition gives shape and direction to what we will do in the session as it pertains to the person's process/life. 

Through out the session priorities lead the way, regardless of the challenges,  lessons, or success that someone is coming with. I'm guided each step of the way as I respectfully engage with whatever or whomever is presenting to me, in service to healing and aligning an individual with their soul and their purpose.

There can be external/internal or multidimensional influences or traumas on any level that burden an individual with or without their conscious wisdom. 

For example: an distant ancestor of a person may have had such an intense belief about themselves or others, that it was carried through the DNA to their descendants, (along with the energy, emotion or idea of anger, depression, isolation, fear, imposed (religious) dogma, addiction, or ambition.) I'm shown/told/feel the influence and how it informs the person, seek to understand the purpose or cause of the entanglement (if necessary), then free it from the origin and to whom it is directed. The client may not have an conscious awareness of their relatives or share their beliefs, but once I see the issue – its origin, purpose, influence – I transform it and in most cases, the client feels the pivotal shift immediately and recognizes the difference and the freedom in time.

When a former influence is transformed, the energy that was spent sustaining it is now available to nurture the body. I communicate with this 'new energy' and use it to build integrity in the system. This process instills energy efficiency

I progress thusly, from one priority to the next, taking into account as much as possible in any given session. When the root (external or internal) influence is addressed, there is more space, support and ability for a person to breathe, think, feel, and be...human. 

In many instances I will help fill and fortify someone's energetic stores and integrity by administering The Offering: elegant multidimensional energy transmissions to encourage their ability to discern energetic, emotional or mental influences and guide their own soul code into their own system. In essence, I'm helping people feel and connect (more) with their soul and consequently the divine. 

During these transmissions, global brain coherence is realized and a person's brainwaves become balanced. While this is something I perceive and feel – in myself and others – this phenomena has also been documented in a European research facility using sophisticated EEG-spectral analysis. 

Global brain coherence is a correlate to rising intelligence, learning ability, alertness and reaction time. And in my experience, it is fundamental to health and unity, (left-right, top-bottom, brain-body, mind-soul, heaven-earth…one.)

Everyone's awareness of their own energetic systems and 'subtle' realms is different, so how someone articulates their experience varies too. But they can report feeling 'better', 'lighter', 'energetic', 'relaxed', 'grounded' (in their own body), pain-free.... or say, apropos: "I feel like me again!"

Sessions are conducted in English, in person and via  telephone (Europe and USA, Tuaca will phone you).

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