"To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person."  – Bruce Lee

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I respect the person I am writing to, their time and talent. Should I choose to work with them, I am doing so of my own volition with the intention of growth and well-being. I'm solely responsible for my health and the choices I make regarding my health.

I or the client I'm writing on behalf of, understand Tuaca Kelly is a dedicated vocational messenger and healer in service - not a ‘medical doctor’ or substitute for one

All clients/students/individuals are fully responsible for their understanding or interpretation of the insights presented in an intuitive/healing session/s and/or workshops/retreats.

All clients agree to full transparency, to be present and are 100% accountable for any thought, decision and action they employ before, during and after their sessions. How empowering!

I have read the FAQ page and understand how to prepare for a session, (e.g. hydration.)

Thank you and remember:

Hydrate well. Eat living foods. Exercise. Laugh. Shine your light. Love unconditionally. Love yourself. Love everybody. Love the Earth. Love the Messenger.