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wekelijks één op één sessies

7 januari - 31 december

Tuaca geeft wekelijks één op één sessies life of via de telefoon.
Boeken kan op Sessie Boeken 


  • During mandated quarantine / social distancing / lockdown - to mitigate SARS II / nCOVID-19 - Intuitive Healing Sessions are available via telephone. Energy medicine and palatable intuitive healing is not only possible, it is highly effective at a 'distance',  I've over 40-years experience with this practice.
  • I'm receiving a limited number of existing clients in-person in my clinic. Social distancing is still in practice here, that means: no hugging, as some of you are accustomed to. The office is cleaned before/after EACH session/visiter. If you are experiencing symptoms, or I receive guidance for you to stay home and meet with me via telephone, this is what we will opt for. Your health is my number one priority and to safe guard it, and the many others we are privileged to walk with the earth with, I must safe guard my own. 
  • Quick tips: Practice hygiene, social distance, get direct sun light (no windows) on your body, eliminate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microwaves and limit all non-native EMF. Exercise / break a sweat every day to raise your metabolism. If you are bed-sick and too weak for exercise, have a phone session with me. Breathe deeply/drop and move your belly when you breathe. Stay hydrated and do not eat junk food / processed food. Use this time to learn to cook and cook real food, eat real nutrients. Calm your mind. 


7 januari
31 december


Tuaca Kelly