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Peace and Joy

Everyone has soul purpose. For over 30-years, through my practice in healing arts and creative arts, and where these disciplines converge, I've helped connect people to theirs. Allow me to support you in realizing health, balance + proficiency with your unique skills – and live it.

Through deep study and devotion to service combined with the sheer power and benevolence of God, it has been my humbling experience to witness tremendous changes and miracles take place. The discovery process is awesome.

Based in Amsterdam, I provide healing + spiritual counseling Sessions and workshops + writing + performance coaching in person, via telephone and on tour. I also work as a spoken word artist, poet, songwriter + voice artist. Please allow me to share what I know with you.

In Light,

Tuaca Kelly,
Interior Life Designer
Health Culture Amsterdam

Alignment Multidimensional Energy Healing

Alignment Multidimensional Energy Healing is direct transmission to free-up constrictions in the field, aid one's own soul embodiment and to ground reality into present moment. This can be performed remotely (at a distance), in the same room, while seated, standing or laying down.

Available in-person and via telephone

Sacred Touch Bodywork

Hands-on Sacred Touch Bodywork is combined with Alignment Energy Healing and places emphasis on communicating with the fascia (connective tissue / bindweefsel) to remove the deeper patterns that might cause or contribute to chronic pain. The client follows sacred touch with their mind and breath to reclaim their own body. Each session is tailored to serve the client. Concepts from advanced craniosacral work, classical osteopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and other sage therapeutic traditions, might be used as needed to facilitate process.

Available in-person only

Soul Wisdom & Counseling

Since the dawn of ancient times earth-tribes have sought wisdom from oracles, sooth-sayers, seers, sages, healers, midwives, priestesses and prophets. Each village has at least one such person among them to navigate these spiritual realms. 

Tuaca seeks to ground poetic, symbolic and practical spiritual communication for the purpose of healing and thoughtfulness, in this life time and dimension. 

Likewise empowering, Tuaca as a mentor, plays an active role in encouraging and teaching others to have inquisitive minds for active critical thinking, to perceive and connect to their inner voice and soul wisdom and to develop their own unique intuitive language. 

Available in-person and via telephone

Medical Intuitive

Though common basic needs can apply to every human and animal, each person's genetic make up, their health maintenance, path to health and their health challenges, are unique. 

Helping doctors and therapists develop their intuitive skills and healing capacities, and working directly with their patients and clients, provides unique insight to promote faster recovery time and healing.

(Note: A doctor's prescription is not required for this service. However, we can work together as members of your healing team.)

Available in-person and via telephone


Connecting with loved ones and the people you wouldn’t expect, can bring healing, closure, direction and important shifts in perspective. Spiritual mediumship requires a spiritual medium on both-sides to use a vast organic intuitive vocabulary to communicate using energy and the various pathways of intuitive perception and understanding. 

Available in-person and via telephone

Musician’s Healer 

Born from the ethos that the Musician has the potential to serve as a conduit for inspiration and healing, and to foster a sense of unity within community through direct connection to their audience, the Musician's Healer seeks to support the Musician in this incredible work.

Musician's Healer is intuitively-based, holistically-minded, scientifically-proven, down-to-earth, and altogether unique.

Available in-person and via telephone

Where I may be of help to you:

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Brain, Cognitive and Neurological

  •  Memory – recall, storage, organization (e.g., learning, understanding, applying learned information.)
  • Prepare for and pass complex written, oral or functional exams.
  • Brain coherence & balance brain waves
  • Impaired nerve function/delayed communication in nerves, paralysis
  • Sense perception improvement & recovery (smelling, hearing, seeing, touch)
  • Stroke (CVA), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)


  • Chronic muscle/connective tissue tension or pain
  • Joint restriction, stiffness or 'slack' (e.g., knee, TMJ-D)
  • Spine – scoliosis, kyphosis, compression, tension
  • Bone compression/deformity
  • Asymmetry in the body/face (e.g., one side higher or recessed)
  • Inflammation/Auto-immune
  • Digestion (e.g., desire and ability to eat again)
  • Allergies


  •  Creating new pathways for communication
  • Relief from 'invisible' pain

Mental, Emotional, Psycho-Spirtual

  •  Trauma/PTSD (veterans, reporters, )
  • Phobias
  • Compassion and Forgiveness
  • Connecting with their own body and guidance; becoming 'grounded'
  • Connecting with soul purpose, life direction and understanding lessons

Energetic/Intuitive Development

  • Opwaarderen, zegenen en aanpassen van water, sieraden, medicijnen, schoolboeken
  • Het ontwikkelen van intuïtie, multidimensionale onderscheidingsvermogen en kritisch denken
  • Healers helpen met het ontwikkelen / integreren van hun natuurlijke vaardigheden en het groeipad daarheen.
  • Rite of Passage and Hospice

    • Helping the transition process/crossing-over (humans & animals)
    • Supporting the family members

    Actors, Musicians, Notable Personalities

    • Developing healthy boundaries (e.g., from external projections or your own.)
    • Remain grounded and emotionally and spiritually stable (e.g., pressure of fame, financial gains or being 'lost' in a character's psyche.)
    • Feel confident to be out in public (not isolated in a residential hotel)
    • Resolve pain or traumas in safe place, not on the stage or after party
    • Access your emotional treasures to use in your craft
    • Prepare for a role or demanding concert tour, (e.g., memorize lines/lyrics)

    Martial Artists, Yogis, Movers, Massage/Craniosacral Therapists

    • Transcend the present depth of your practice, regardless of your skill level.
    • Receive direct transmissions from Tuaca while engaged in your practice. This will streamline your learning/teaching capacity and help you to perceive/experience and discern your functional/anatomical meridians, chakras, energy bodies and connective tissue, not just the idea of them.
    • Become a better practitioner.

    They say:

    Kenneth Stoller

    MD FACHM & Medical Director

    "Tuaca is the real deal! She's been very helpful with my patients."

    Hugh Milne


    I am deeply impressed by her impeccable ethics and her bright, enquiring consciousness.

    I have known Tuaca Kelly... since meeting her [in 1995] when I was a guest teacher at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. Kelly is a lady with a great psychic gift. She takes her time to get the information she can, and has a delicate and respectful way of communicating what she senses to others. I am deeply impressed by her impeccable ethics and her bright, enquiring consciousness.

    Günter Haffelder

    Founder of Insitute für Kommunikation und Gerhirnforschung

    "Tuaca Kelly.... The Healer.... is a very special woman."

    Roger Valentine

    MS. DVM, NMD

    "Tuaca...[is] a medical intuitive beyond belief"

    I've highly recommended Tuaca for human patients and animal patients. Tuaca's techniques and results have grown ballistically! Tuaca is a wonderful person to work with. 

    She is truly a healer…She's been a wonderful teacher for everybody she contacts.